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The DB Studio was founded in 2006 by the request of some customers looking for a Consulting that could follow them, exclusively, in the expansion path of their business in Italy.

The request was to have a team of professionals dedicated to them, following them throughout the complex journey that leads to the realization of a project.
Our client, not being Italian, needed a 360 degrees collaboration that could give it a way to proceed quickly and safely in its expansion all over the Italian territory.

Over the years, we have coordinated and directed many construction sites throughout Italy, always giving our total availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to continuous support, our clients have always had (and continue to have today) the absolute certainty that their idea will be carried out as they wish and, above all, without unforeseen events.

Over time, the range of services that the Studio is able to offer to the client has evolved and matured until has become a complex machine capable of handling the most varied problems on site.

By supporting external collaborations throughout the country, we are able to manage any type of order.
We support our client at every stage, accompanying him from the very first moment he makes the important decision to make the vision of a project concrete and sets out in search of a location that’s appropriate to his business idea.

Be it a private residence or a corporate project, we will always dedicate ourselves completely in order to make the client feel sure that the set goal will be reached.

For our clients we follow every necessary step: preliminary projects, executive projects, technical assistance, rendering, technical specifications drafting as well as contractual negotiations, installations design, obtaining of the permissions, works management and every phase the project goes through up until the delivery of the site and the final realization of the project, together with the final inspection and the handover to the ordinary maintenance team.

We are specialized in delivering the following services: Architecture and Design, Project Management, Consulting, General Contractor, Safety and Prevention. We work in various sectors: Housing, Retail, Hotels, Food&Beverage, Service, Industry, Management, Tourism and Hospitality.

Our experience gained over the course of almost 20 years in Consulting had us grow and enables us to satisfy every possible request you might have.

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, our Studio constantly collaborates with other professionals and companies of various sectors. Our qualified contacts portfolio allows us to manage every request, from the realization of the industrial fire prevention plant to customized furniture with handcrafted decoration.


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